Voznesensk is a small city in Mykolaiv oblast, Ukraine. 

In the beginning of March during the war in Ukraine Russian forces came closer to Voznesensk trying to occupy it to be able to move forward to Mykolaiv and Odesa. They stoped in Rakovo — small village in the south-east of Voznesensk. The residents said that Russian soldiers kicked them out of their houses, took all the food supplies and valuables, broke windows and furniture and left only mess after themselves. Day after they started moving to Voznesensk accompanying it with shelling. As a result, children’s' swimming complex in the city center was bombed. It situated in the area of boarding school and kinder-garden. Luckily, there was no victims among kids.

A lot of damaged fences can be seen on the way to Voznesensk smashed by Russian tanks as they were entering directly to the yards of civilians' houses, to avoid bombing from Ukrainian forces. 

Soldiers with the help of territorial defence and civilians undertook the successful defence of their city and threw Russian forces back at least to 50 km distance.